AirWave Double

One machine that can cater for two people surfing the wave at the same time, or one very large left or right hand wave for a single surfer.

For two people at a time, AirWave Double will create a Front-on wave or one left and one right breaking wave. The AirWave Double unit also has breaking and barralling capabilities:

Double Unit

Under development

Small-front4m x 20 - 0.6m
Large-front4m x 20.6 - 1m
Small-right4.5m x 20 - 0.6m
Large-right4.5m x 20.6 - 1.8m
Small-left4.5m x 20 - 0.6m
Large-left4.5m x 20.6 - 1.8m
Ultra-large-left8.5m* 0 - 1.80m
Ultra-large-right8.5m* 0 - 1.80m

* with barrelling capabilities

Double Unit
The ultimate water-sports training tool

The ultimate water-sports training tool

In addition surfing waves, the AirWave Double unit also has the capability to produce a wake for wakeboarding & wakeskating, a specialised kayaking wave, and a halfpipe for those who want to try something totally new. This makes it the ultimate training tool for surfers, body-boarders, wakeboarders, wakeskaters and kayakers.


AirWave units can also be manually controlled, however only qualified AirWave operators will be able to use this option. Manually controlling AirWave, allows the operator to fine-tune the wave to a specific requirement; for example training surfers for specific wave shapes.



Two AirWave operators will be taken through a two week course on the correct way to control AirWave (AirWave will send a qualified operator over to train new operators in the first two weeks of a new facility being installed/opening). Operators will also have daily maintenance procedures to ensure AirWave is properly kept. This 2 week course does not qualify the operator to manually change the wave (this is extra 4 weeks training).



AirWave boards are very specialised and unique to AirWave. To make sure AirWave customers get the best possible ride and protection, AirWave operators must use AirWave boards. There are two types of boards, foam boards for beginners which are very easy to ride and soft on impact. Then the advanced boards which are for repetitive customers who want more of a surf like feeling. The advanced boards could be hired out or sold individually.

Wave Control

AirWaves greatest feature is its ability to quickly (while the water is flowing) alter the size and shape of the wave to suit the surfer’s ability, therefore creating excitement and variety for those riding it. Operators can do all of this using a simple touch screen interface.


Safe surfing

AirWave uses a mixture of fluids to create the wave shapes, there is absolutely no solid structure used to create/form the waves. The AirWave surroundings are all inflatable, thus making AirWave very safe (much like a bouncy castle) for people of all ages and experience. When people wipe-out they are very well protected and soon become confident that they will not get hurt. AirWave strives on being the safest standing wave machine on the market.

Modular SystemsModular Systems

Modular system

AirWaves greatest strength is its versatility and ease of use. The modular design allows AirWave units to be updated with new forms for new ride attractions such as barrelling waves, wakes, kayaking waves and the half-pipe. New wave shapes can be designed and programmed into the AirWave control panel. AirWave strives to get customers coming back again and again to try new and exciting water sport activities while always being capable of catering for beginners.

Service & Support

AirWave needs small daily checks and has procedures for starting up and shutting down. AirWave operators will need to allow for 1 hour a day to start up and shut AirWave down. This ensures the life span of the unit. AirWave units also require yearly service to the pump, flume system, control panel, forms, pool and filtration system. All units come with a service manual and AirWave can also monitor all units sold to ensure they are being operated properly.


New Zealand patent: 629212
Australia patent application number: 2014310272
European Patent Application Number: 14838139.5.
US and Canada: Patent pending

Service & Support