AirWave is the ‘brain child’ of Ross McCarthy.

“I began development because it showed great safety aspects and also a brand new way of producing surf like waves.”

The wave form is based around the physics of a river wave where water flows down over a rock face and hits the water creating a small river wave. The fluid based wave form and inflatable surroundings create impact resistance much like a bouncy castle, therefore wipe-outs become fun and exciting.

AirWaves goal was to produce a nice front-on wave which it did, however further testing proved AirWave could do much more by simply changing the fluid levels and pressures in the wave forms. Changing the fluid levels and pressures allowed AirWave to change the height and angle of the wave. AirWave can produce both left and right hand breaks, barrelling waves and the front-on waves. AirWave can also easily alter the face of the wave depending on the experience levels of the surfer. AirWave is the most versatile standing wave on the market

AirWaves goal was to produce a nice front-on wave

The Future of AirWave

The physics behind AirWave will always stay the same however the technology controlling the wave can be updated. When an AirWave unit is purchased it can be forever advanced, meaning new forms can be installed (greater modular system) along with new wave programs at little cost. AirWave believes it is important to keep up with technology/research in order to provide the best machine/service for our clientele. For example, at the moment AirWave can produce a front-on wave, left-hand wave, and right-hand wave. AirWave is currently in the process of developing and creating a wake for wakeboarding/wakeskating, a half-pipe and a good looking barrelling wave.

Another new technology AirWave is looking into is programmable sequences, this is where a surfer can choose a 15-30 second wave sequence allowing the wave to gradually change making the surfer adapt to the wave. Further on from this, it is possible that one day AirWave can replicate certain breaks so that professional surfers can use AirWave as an alternate surf training tool. These alternative attractions will be offered to operators in the future and can simply fit into their existing wave machine, by simply retro-fitting current machines. The Air wave forms could possibly fit into existing standing wave pools at very little cost for the operators.